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All the staff here are excellent, very helpful and all seem to speak perfect English.



Staff was excellent, kind and helping. Room was tidy and clean. This hotel is the perfect choice of it's price range.



Most important things; it was clean, people were friendly and it's near to the metro station.



Gellért Baths

The Gellért Baths and Hotel was built in 1918, although there had once been Turkish baths on the site, and in the Middle Ages a hospital. In 1927 the Baths were extended to include the wave pool, and the effervescent bath was added in 1934. With its immaculately preserved Art Nouveau interior, including colourful mosaics, marble columns, stained glass windows and statues, this is without doubt the most beautiful bathing complex in Budapest.

The Gellért Baths were an immediate international success, and were even the scene of an early political scandal. In 1931 a visiting black doctor, Dr. Ramon Costello (who happened to be Cuban), was refused to the Baths on the grounds there were some white American visitors there, and, since there was still racial segregation in America, they objected to his presence. Costello took the matter to the City Council, and they found in his favour.
Water temperatures: 79-100°F (26-38°C). Pools: open air wave pool, thermal pool and children’s pool, indoor swimming-effervescent pool and nine medicinal pools.
Water mineral content: thermal water containing nitrates, calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonates and sulphate-chlorides, as well as fluoride ions in significant quantities.

Address: XI Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4.
Phone: (36-1) 446 6166

Public Transport Access:tramways 18, 19, 47 and 49, buses 7, 7A and 86 Szent Gellért tér stop
Opening hours:Every day from 6 am to 8 pm

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