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Király Thermal Baths

Construction of the Király Baths started in 1565, and most of the present-day building dates from the Turkish period, including most notably the fine cupola-topped pool. In 1796 they were bought, renovated and extended by a family called König.

König is the German word meaning “king,” and it is the Hungarian word Király with the same meaning that the Baths are known by today. Altogether there are four pools, the medicinal water for which is pumped in from the nearby Lukács Baths.
Water temperatures: 79, 90, 99, 104 °F (26, 32, 36, 40ºC). Water surface area: 86, 108, 732, 42 sq. ft. Water mineral content: thermal water containing nitrates, calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonates and sulphate-chlorides, as well as fluoride ions in significant quantities.

Address: II Budapest, Fő utca 84.
Phone: (36-1) 202-3688

Public Transport Access:busses 60 and 86 Bem József tér stop
Opening hours:
Men only: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Women only: Mondays, Wednesdays
Common: Sundays

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